Message From the Chair 2008

By John P. Hutchins

image021.jpgWith This “Season” Almost Over, I Wonder: Whatever Happened To 2007-2008?

Wow! My year as “Coach” of the Section is almost over, and it just plain flew by.

This year, I’ve been trying to motivate you to get more involved in the Section, by reminding you that “It’s Your Section.” I have asked the question: Why aren’t you more involved? And I have tried to answer your follow-up question: Why should I be?

Many of you have responded by attending a Section-sponsored program, including a “sellout” crowd of 148 at the Technology Law Institute last Fall. Others of you have responded by moving from spectator to participant for the first time ever. Cheers for Melloney Douce, Suzannah Lipscomb and Sarah Shalf, who all joined the Executive Committee during this fiscal year. In addition, Sandra Sheets Gardiner recently agreed to join the Executive Committee and take over responsibilities as Editor of The Georgia Journal of Technology Law – our Section’s equivalent of the game-day program. She has big shoulder pads to fill, as Bob Neufeld will give up his spot on the roster after three years of faithful editorial leadership.

The Section is in good hands for 2008-2009, under the leadership of a rejuvenated Executive Committee, and guided by new Head Coach Gaines Carter, effective July 1, 2008.

It’s been a privilege serving as your Section Chair. I’ll officially hand off the pigskin to Gaines at our last event of the year.

On that note, I want to use some of my remaining playing time to specially thank Bob. As a past Editor myself, I know first-hand that there is probably no job in the Section that takes as much time as Editor of our fantastic Journal. Bob has been willing for some time to give up his snaps to another quarterback, but finding a sub as disciplined as he has been was a challenge, until Sandra enthusiastically said, “Coach, put me in!” I believe I speak for the entire Section, Bob, when I say that we want you to know how much your dedicated service has meant to us as Section members. Hip-hip Hooray! Hip-hip Hooray! Hip-hip Hooray!

Sincerely, John P. Hutchins

image025.jpgJohn Hutchins is a partner at Troutman Sanders LLP and practices in the area of intellectual property, technology and business litigation, including computer hardware and software development disputes, e-commerce and privacy issues, government procurement disputes, protection of trade secrets and confidential business information, Internet domain name disputes, technology licensing disputes, trademark and copyright infringement and restrictive covenants. He may be reached at 404.885.3460 or via e-mail at