**The Georgia Journal of Technology Law (2008 Winter Edition)

By  Sandra Sheets Gardiner and  Stephen Combs.

Welcome to the Winter 2008 issue of the Technology Law Section’s quarterly publication The Georgia Journal of Technology Law. (The full issue is available here!) This issue is brought to you by co-editors Sandra Sheets Gardiner of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP and Stephen Combs of HowStuffWorks.com. In this issue, we have three excellent articles and ten full-length audio/video presentations from the 2008 Technology Law Institute:

We would also like to highlight a new Community Service category of the Section's website which includes news related to Computers For Youth and to volunteer opportunities for members. Please read the Section's announcement related to the Computers for Youth PC Drive. This is an important initiative of Computers for Youth.

This issue highlights the upcoming February 26 Quarterly Section Lunch Meeting on Drafting and Enforcing NDAs and Covenants Not to Solicit. You can now REGISTER ONLINE for added convenience.

We hope you will also use the additional features on the Section's website such as RSS feeds, a "Subscribe by Email" service, the Media Gallery, and a list of "Upcoming Events."

This issue of The Georgia Journal of Technology Law is a web-only edition. You can view all of the articles in this issue here.

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**Computers For Youth PC Drive


"Don't Throw Out Your Old Computer Systems!" Change a child’s life forever: Donate your old computer systems to low-income Georgia school children …you'll help raise academic performance, protect the environment, and ease your tax pain. We'll take care of ALL the details, including data-wiping each hard drive. We are asking members to donate the computer systems being replaced in their law firms and companies to Computers for Youth - Atlanta, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Call to action: Please contact the IT department in your law firm or company and arrange to make CFY-Atlanta the designated recipient of computers whenever they are phased out of service in your firm or company! We ask that you also make a cash donation of $5 per computer to help defray the cost of refurbishment and software licenses. CFY-Atlanta needs 900 donated computers in 2009 to meet its commitments to school children this year alone!

Computer equipment donations to CFY-Atlanta are an investment in your community:

  • Academic performance of children participating in CFY’s program has been shown to rise in documented research studies
  • Computer equipment is handled in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.
  • You'll get a CHARITABLE TAX DEDUCTION for the value of the donated equipment.
  • All hard drives are wiped clean of existing data using commercially available data-wiping software that complies with U.S. Department of Defense cleaning and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. Save your IT department the burden!

For further information regarding donation of computers, please contact Richard Hicks, Director, Computers for Youth at RHicks@cfy.org or call 404-367-9900.

The Technology Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia is committed to encouraging public service within its membership. This PC Drive program is offered in the highest tradition of that commitment. For information regarding this program, contact CFY PC Drive TaskForce at CFYSupport@mindspring.com or email the Technology Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia at info@technologybar.org.