Event: Demystifying Bitcoin

On Wednesday, April 2, 2015 the Technology Law section hosted Aaron Williams, President and Founder, Atlanta Bitcoin, for a talk about web payments.

Synopsis: So just as we’re all getting more comfortable with the landscape of mobile payments, along comes Bitcoin to add a few wrinkles and more than a little mystery. Between the recent meltdown of Mt. Gox (the world’s then largest Bitcoin payments processor), the elusiveness of Bitcoin’s creator, and the association of this virtual currency with untoward business dealings, there is a fair amount of confusion about Bitcoin and how seriously it should be taken. In this presentation, our presenter will explain why we should pay close attention to Bitcoin and its relevance to the business world and our personal affairs.

Aaron Williams, is the President and Founder of Atlanta Bitcoin. Aaron is a payments industry professional who has been working in traditional electronic payments for almost a dozen years. His experience in payments gives him a strong perspective on Bitcoin products and services. His related experience includes dealing with Bitcoin as payment, Bitcoin regulation (money transmitter/MSB, AML, KYC, BSA), Bitcoin denominated stocks, professional grade mining, startup consultation/concept refinement and Bitcoin product/business development.

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP graciously hosted this event.