**About Computers for Youth in Atlanta

cfy-pc-drive-letter-short The Technology Law Section has a long tradition of supporting Computers For Youth in Atlanta (CFY-Atlanta). We have added a new category on this website for posts related to CFY and will update you from time to time on news and events. You can see all of the posts related to CFY-Atlanta by choosing the "Computers For Youth" menu item under "Categories."

CFY-Atlanta partners with Atlanta-area public middle schools in low-income communities. Its mission is to help low-income students do better in school by improving their educational resources at home, engaging parents with their children in the learning process, and enabling teachers to connect the classroom to home learning. CFY-Atlanta accomplishes this by conducting Family Learning Workshops for both parent and child, providing each participating family with a free refurbished home learning center, pre-loaded with educational software, and providing free professional development courses for partner school teachers.

You can learn more at www.cfy.org.