CLE Event: “Legal Aspects of Automated Driving”

On February 16, 2016, the Section held a CLE event presented by Professor Bryant Walker Smith, assistant professor in the School of Law and (by courtesy) in the School of Engineering at the University of South Carolina. 

Professor Smith’s informative presentation spanned a wide variety of topics and issues relating to “self-driving automobiles”, including an explanation of various technologies behind, and the legal implications of, this new frontier in transportation.  Attendees especially enjoyed the interactive nature of the presentation, which allowed for a lively “give and take” between presenter and audience.

A copy of "Proximity-Driven Liability", Professor Smith's article examining liability issues in connection with automated vehicles, can be accessed here or on our Journal and Resources page.   Professor Smith maintains a website containing his articles and other resources on automated driving and other emerging technologies at

The Section extends thanks to Professor Smith for his presentation, and to Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP for hosting the event.